JMF Audio HPM 500

Technical characteristics

Nominal impedance 4Ω (min.2,5Ω at 140Hz)
Cabinet technology MLS50 (50mm 7 layers, anti-resonant materials construction) – JMF Audio
Sensibility 96dB / W / m
Frequency response 30Hz (-3dB) … 20kHz (0dB)
Power handling 500 W RMS
Dimensions (overall HxLxD) 1358 x 830 x 930 mm
Weight 230 kg / pc (incl. cross-over)
Speakers stand SSC adjustable (3 cones) – JMF Audio


The JMF Audio HPM 500 is a very high end 2 ways loudspeaker.

Its woofers feature exceptionally light and ‘free’ hanging mobile equipment. Its magnetic potential is probably the highest in the world and its mechanics the quietest (for a woofer of this size).

Controlled dispersion horn and high current withstand, linear phase-controlled separation filters. Filters are probably the biggest and heaviest models for a two-way speaker.

HTS woofers

Weight of the moving parts 70 g
Resonance frequency 19 Hz
Total magnetic flux 416000Mx

HPH dispersion controlled horn HPH4001


Input throat diameter 2 “
Associated driver TD4001-JMF (2 “outlet) vaporized beryllium dome – JMF Custom Audio TAD
  • Dispersion controlled
  • Anti-vibration
  • Built-in driver matching
Horn/speaker assembly Consolidated edges, handmade
Material Massive ash
Dispersion angle 40 ° V / 90 ° H
Low frequency cut-off 300 Hz


HPX high level cross-over HPX500

High current handling, linear, phase controlled cross-overs. Possibly the largest and heaviest units for two way loudspeakers.

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