JMF Audio HPM 400

Technical characteristics

Nominal impedance
Cabinet technology MLS50 (50mm 7 layers, anti-resonant materials construction) – JMF Audio
Sensibility 96dB / W / m
Frequency response 38Hz (-3dB) … 23kHz (0dB)
Power handling 400 W RMS
Dimensions (overall HxLxD) 1350 x 500 x 620mm
Weight 170 kg / pc (incl. cross-over)
Speakers stand SSC adjustable (3 cones) – JMF Audio


The JMF Audio HPM 400 is a very high end 2.5 ways loudspeaker.

Its woofers feature exceptionally light and ‘free’ hanging mobile equipment. Its magnetic potential is probably the highest in the world and its mechanics the quietest (for a woofer of this size).

Controlled dispersion horn and high current withstand, linear phase-controlled separation filters. Filters are probably the biggest and heaviest models for a two-way speaker.


HTS woofers

Sus woofers 30HTS200 de 12″ con núcleo magnético de neodimio y cono de fibra de carbono cuentan con sistemas móviles excepcionalmente ligeros con suspensión libre. Su potencial magnético es probablemente el más alto del mundo y su mecánica la más silenciosa (para un woofer de este tamaño).

Weight of the moving parts 58g
Resonance frequency 23 Hz
Total magnetic flux 396000Mx

HPH dispersion controlled horn HPH2001


Input throat diameter 1 “
Associated driver TD2001-JMF (1″ outlet) vaporized beryllium dome – JMF Custom Audio TAD
Especificación Dispersion controlled
Built-in driver matching
Horn/speaker assembly Consolidated edges, handmade
Material Massive ash
Dispersion angle 40 ° V / 90 ° H
Low frequency cut-off 600 Hz


HPX500 cross-over filter

High current handling, linear, phase controlled cross-overs. Possibly the largest and heaviest units for two way loudspeakers

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