Mono and Stereo, Abril 2019: Altavoces EVO de AudioNec

“And finally a bit more info about the new AudioNec Evo Speaker line. This new range of speakers represent the AudioNec modular speakers system that allow the customer to start with a “small” speaker and budget (Evo < 20 k€) and finish with an ultimate and unique system (Evo 4 > 175 k€). The Eno line implements the new wideband driver “Duopole DS” whose height is 31 cm. This new driver benefits from the qualities of its elder, the intrinsic qualities of Duopole drivers have allowed AudioNec to be at the top of the qualitative pyramid in terms of sound reproduction. As its name suggests, the new Evo range introduces the concept of speaker system scalability thanks to the smaller Duopole height, it opens the door to modular speakers.”

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