Premios On Off 2022 - AudioNec EVO 1

2022 On Off Awards: AudioNec EVO 1

AudioNec’s EVO line of loudspeakers has received the award in the special category for Best Design of the ON OFF 2022 Awards from On Off Magazine.

ON OFF Special Best Design in High End Audio AudioNec EVO-1

AudioNec EVO-1

A modular and scalable speaker system with an aesthetic that does not leave indifferent and a sound that will seduce enthusiasts of the best music.

The concept of scalability has always been particularly attractive in high-end consumer electronics, let alone in the more exclusive High End, where high prices often intimidate users who demand full guarantees regarding the preservation of the investment made with the passage of time is concerned.

Radical French purism

This is how the very purist French AudioNec has understood it, whose EVO speakers -which saw the light of day in 2019- respond to a concept of scalability and modularity that is very well thought out that allows not only to go up from one model to another in the range -for example from EVO-1 to EVO-2- but also through the different versions of the same model. All this, complemented by a decidedly different industrial design – which is not easy at all in such a competitive product segment – which facilitates integration into all types of spaces, from the most open to the most luxurious. What we have just said suggests that this award could have been given to any of the EVOs, although we have chosen the EVO-1 Standard because of its status as a base model in the range.

What stands out about the EVO-1 Standard? First of all, that it is a model with passive filtering, and secondly, the exceptionality of its wide-band mid / high pass-through transducer, called Duopole DS.31 and the latest evolution of a device created several decades ago. by an American named Paul Paddock. This transducer is mounted in an elegant structure whose lower part houses a bass-reflex subwoofer equipped with a very high quality conventional electrodynamic loudspeaker. Thanks to the particular design of the AudioNec, the owner of the EVO-1 Standard has the option of upgrading to the version equipped with active subwoofers (that is, actively amplified and filtered), called EVO-1 AS, and hence to the EVO-1 Signature, which adds to the previous endowment a sophisticated digital signal processing electronics signed by one of the undisputed leaders in the field, the French Trinnov.


  • Brilliant conception
  • Extreme musicality


€ 19,950 (pair; Standard version)
Scalable 3-way loudspeaker
1 x 31cm high Duopole DS.31 mid / high transducer and a 220mm diameter electrodynamic woofer loaded into a separate bass-reflex enclosure
35-25,000 Hz
90 dB / W / m
6 ohms
WIDTH 45 cm
HEIGHT 85 cm
DEPTH 47 cm
WEIGHT 58 kg

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