LYRIC Gold Fire PZ Power Cable 1.5 m

Technical characteristics


LYRIC PZ Power Cable
Get the most out of your system with our new Gold Fire series audio cables.
The connection cables of the highest quality and precision, perfectly matched to our tube electronics, guarantee excellent sound reproduction – also in combination with components from other manufacturers.

A further increase in sound quality achievement. This high class power cord is the absolute statement to get the best of our amplifiers. Two strong 3mm2 conductors a further 1.5mm2 ground lead, all fully shielded, will be responsible for a stable and impressively realistic sound stage and reveal the outstanding merits of the LYRIC components.

This cable is a large step forward in comparison with standard AC cords. It will improve the dynamics and reveal the warm and liquid naturalness of the music from our LYRIC amplifiers. Three shielded 2.5mm2 stranded OFCu conductors and high-quality AC plugs guarantee a strong and solid connection to your domestic AC line.
– 2 fully shielded 3 mm2 multi-conductor system
– 1 fully shielded 1.5mm2 ground lead
– High-quality power plugs

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