JMF Audio MBR1

Technical characteristics

MBR 1 may be available in Silver at a higher price. JMF Audio shall be consulted for availability.

Recommended retail prices Europe – Collection 2024


The hi-end infra-red remote control for the JMF Audio’s product range.

JMF Audio has always strived to provide the highest performance yet easy to use products. MBR1 allows to control past, current and forthcoming JMF Audio devices in the most simple way.

Everybody knows how challenging it is to control an audio or AV system: multiple remote controls, command or bus cable between devices, buttons you don’t know what to do with, keys that are too small, etc.

With JMF Audio it is one great remote control for all devices, no additional cabling: clean, no fuss!

MBR1 is the result of our researches on ergonomics and smart operation. MBR1 is tooled in a block a aluminum. The edges and the bottom are soft and the top is brushed for a great feel in the hand. The JMF Audio logo is engraved while the command logos are bright for best view. We aimed at putting as few keys as possible and let the audio devices softwares manage for the most intuitive use. A great care was taken for the keys to present a great tactile effect. Finally, for the pleasure of the eyes, the shape is similar to the electronic devices’ front panels and the finish is identical to their cases.


The MBR1 remote control was studied so as to reflect well the JMF Audio’s philosophy when you hold it in the hand.

Key features

  • Instantaneous control of all JMF Audio units, no multiplexing (e.g. no hit “preamp” prior to selecting a source)
  • Possibility to select the analog and digital sources from PRS1.5 and DXC2.2-MKII (+ shortcut key for USB)
  • Simple power-on and standby commands for all the JMF Audio devices without link between them!
  • Depending on the setup (DAC alone or DAC with preamplifier), the mute, source selection and volume keys have adequate behaviors. This is automatically defined by the state of the DAC, no configuration required.
  • Great ergonomics, well balanced in the hand, massive construction.
  • Mechanically hold large feat for smooth stand on the table (not the traditional adhesive rubber bumps).
  • Modified Philips RC5 infra-red protocol
  • 8 user definable code sets to prevent potential interferences with other brands’ devices.
  • Retro compatible with previous JMF Audio devices.
  • Long range, large emitting angle.
  • Ultra low power consumption.

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