Munich HIGH END 2022 – José Manuel Delgado, HiFi Live – May 2022

We are very proud that JOSÉ MANUEL DELGADO, from HiFi Live, in his summary of his visit to the Munich High End 2022 fair, includes one of our brands, AudioNec, among one of the three systems that he considered “the best of the show”:


It is time to get my feet wet and indicate, for the writer of this article, which were the three systems that would take the cat to the water as the best in the show:

  • Room of the Danish cable manufacturer ZenSati with Lorenzo Audio Labs LM-1 speakers, electronics from the Greek Ypsilon and AMG source with Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement capsule.
  • Room of the French manufacturer AudioNEC presenting its top-of-the-range Evo model (passive) with hybrid electronics from the Italian Riviera Audio and digital source prototype version of AudioNEC itself
  • Room of the Greek firm Tune Audio with 105dBs horn loudspeakers with Rockna digital source and 12 watt amplification from Trafomatic model Glenn (the vu-meter did not move at more than 95dBs of SPL!)

The AudioNec model that José Manuel refers to in his review is the AudioNec EVO 3 passive version. The even better news is that there is still a higher model, the top model is the AudioNec EVO 4.

You can read José Manuel’s full article in the online magazine HiFi Live, here.