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The passion for music, combined with German design and manufacturing and more than 20 years of R&D, culminate in the latest generation of Lyric valve products, such as with the innovation “Zero Cross Current Control“: a maximally complex ground and signal routing has been chosen, in which opposing currents in the supply voltage as well as the mixing of the sensitive signal currents are prevented.

As an award-winning engineer and designer for several other audio brands, Stefan Noll formed a partnership with dealer and distributor Thomas Deyerling to manufacture Lyric into a new company called Noll & Deyerling.

Using old school point-to-point connections, hand-welded, and incorporating the best quality parts of their own design, Noll & Deyerling are producing something truly special in the new Lyric brand. Yes, they take 4 weeks to build, but these custom components are worth the wait. Before shipment, each unit is continuously bench tested for several days, ensuring the highest level of quality control and reliability. Lyric amps are backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty (12 months for original tubes).

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