AudioNec EVO range

AudioNec’s launched the new Evo Line of Speakers at Munich High-End 2019.

As its name suggests, the new Evo range introduces the concept of speaker system scalability. This new range offers four levels designed in a modular way so that the user can build his speaker system by acquiring a starting set and later complete with one or more modules to achieve a superior setting.

Audionec, marca de equipos de alta fidelidad con la que trabaja No Limits Audio


We developped new technologies for the AudioNec Speakers in order for them to be really able to reproduce the concert experience.

To all music and concert lovers, our commitment is to provide a Speaker that can transport you through time and space and create that magical moment: you are right there in a live performance. But of course, you are still at home and recording after recording you do not tire of this incredible experience. Everything is available, not just the finest details, but also this incredible energy, striking dynamics and the subtle nuances within the voices as within each instrument.

Our objective however is far from just being spectacular. It is primarily to “respect the music“. Listening to our speakers can be a startling experience, but it is primarily natural and balanced, never aggressive or tiring.

All our speakers have in common the same main driver, the Duopole DS.31, acting as a wideband driver from 200 Hz or 400 Hz to 20 or 25 kHz, all our Signature speakers share the same DSPV4 processor. The DSPV4 processor not only brings the drivers and their integration close to perfection, it also provides the ability to include one of the most sophisticated room acoustic correction system you could imagine.


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