AudioNec Evo #2 Loudspeakers – by Dr. Matthew Clott

AudioNec Evo #2 Loudspeakers
These speakers will not be for everyone, and not for every amplifier.
Review By Dr. Matthew Clott – June 2020

“When offered the opportunity to review something my internal excito’meter drifts into one of four categories ranging from, “OK, for the good of the publication,” to “Are you F’in kidding me? I get to review that?!?” I will openly admit that I liked these speakers before I heard them. I would guess they are visually polarizing, but find them aesthetically to be quite purpose-built and are the best-executed version of what they are. Their neutrality, their sense of realism and refinement, their looks, and their wonderful dynamic scale set these unique speakers apart from their competition. Within their price range, there is very stiff competition. These speakers will not be for everyone, and not for every amplifier. Yet if you put the time in to audition them, plus give time to adjust to their wonderful neutrality, and also match them to a system that plays to their unified sonic signature, only then will you be rewarded.”


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